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BPBH Grantee Finds Success in Food Business

  A 38-year old father of three kids tried his luck in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia when he was deployed as a salesman in March 2016. Ryan  Alfred de Leon  from Matina, Davao City left his family thinking that he would provide a better future for them through overseas work.

OFW De Leon served his employer for  only  one year. He was not able to finish his employment contract due to contract violation. “At first, everything runs smoothly in our company, but later on I noticed that the working hours stated in my contract was not followed. I worked beyond the prescribed hours and feel like being abused,” he said. His wife Jeannevy, sought assistance from the OWWA Regional Office XI for his repatriation. Through the coordination with the Philippine Overseas Labor Office in Riyahd, OFW Ryan was repatriated in April 2017.

Prior to his deployment, OFW Ryan worked as a salesperson in a water distributor company in Davao City while her wife started to establish a food business. When Ryan realized that their income is not enough to sustain the needs of his family, he decided to work abroad. But, like any other OFWs, Ryan did not find his luck overseas and decided to stay for good in the Philippines.

As a distressed worker, OFW Ryan availed of the Balik Pinas! Balik Hanapbuhay! Program of OWWA, a package of livelihood support/assistance intended to provide immediate relief to returning member-OFWs (distressed/displaced) amounting to a maximum Php 20,000.00 as a start up or additional capital for a livelihood project. He received his livelihood assistance in February 2019 and the amount was utilized in the purchase of additional supplies and materials for making cakes, pastries and other native delicacies.

Through the additional inputs, OFW Ryan and her wife were able to produce more products which are distributed in the different offices, schools, and other establishments in Davao City. His wife is the one who prepares the delicacies while Ryan takes charge of all the deliveries through motorcycle. Among their products include: cassava cake, puto cheese, kutsinta, macaroni salad, mango float, leche flan, tapioca, macaroons, and other native delicacies. They also accept orders of cakes and pastries for all occasions.  Presently, the couple earns a monthly net income of P30,000.00 which is enough to sustain the needs of the family. They plan to expand their production area at home so they can produce more and can provide employment to their relatives.

OFW Ryan regularly delivers his products at the OWWA Regional Office XI. “I feel glad that OWWA personnel patronized my products.  They also helped in promoting my products that’s why every time I delivered, more customers would try my products,” he said. He added that their products are freshly made and affordable to everyone. “It is important to sell your products at lower prices  but with a satisfactory taste. I think this is what makes our product different from the others,” he emphasized.

The livelihood assistance granted to OFW Ryan greatly helped him to recover from his loss. He never thought that the food business they started made a way to become successful. “I thanked OWWA for giving me the opportunity to avail of the Balik Pinas Balik Hanapbuhay Program. The amount granted to me enables my family to move on. Through the assistance, we were able to produce more products that can supply the growing demands of our customers. With sufficient and stable income, I can provide the needs of my family without leaving them to work overseas,” said Ryan, who encourage other distressed workers like him to never lose their hope and seek assistance from the appropriate government agencies like OWWA. “We have all the resources in our own land. All we have to do is to be resourceful and make better plans for the future. If we experience downfalls, we should never give up because that is only a test of our faith and courage,” he ended. (OWWA XI)



Raymundo Agravante

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