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Working tirelessly to promote gainful employment opportunities, to develop human resources, to protect workers and promote their welfare, and to maintain industrial peace sums up our mandate and philosophy.

You will see that on this site. Click on Services, Programs and Projects and you will get a comprehensive brief on the array of services the DOLE offers on a regular basis. Go to Press Release Archives and obtain first-hand information about our public communication initiatives.

You need to know the latest on wages? Click Minimum Wage Order and it will link you to the site of our National Wages and Productivity Commission. We even have Downloadable Forms to make it easier for you to transact official business. For transparency’s sake, we post our needs in Invitation to Bid as well as in DOLE Vacancies. And yes, a copy of the Labor Code of the Philippines is now online to help researchers, lawyers, workers, labor organizations, employers, and students.

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