In response to the worsening political conflict in Yemen, the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) has implemented the Financial Relief Assistance Program (FRAP) by virtue of Board Resolution No. 3 and 4, Series of 2015 instructing the release of Php 10,000.00 financial grant to the OFWs (both OWWA member and non-member) who were displaced by the political unrest in Yemen. As per Memorandum of Instruction No. 004 Series of 2015, workers from Yemen who were repatriated after the government declared Alert Level 4 Status requiring mandatory repatriation on February 16, 2015, are entitled to the one-time financial assistance. The program can be availed of by the repatriated OFW within six (6) months after his/her arrival in the Philippines.

As of May 25, 2015, a total of 337 OFWs from strife-torn Yemen have already availed of the Php 10,000.00 financial grant. They belong to the group of 482 OFWs who have been repatriated so far from Yemen.

FRAP aims to provide immediate relief to OFWs while they are undergoing economic and social adjustments in their communities as a result of sudden displacement from their jobs.

Qualified OFWs could claim the financial grant at OWWA Regional Offices and should bring with them their passport or travel documents indicating the date of entry to Yemen, date of exit from Yemen and date of arrival in the Philippines, and any government-issued ID with address or barangay certificate to establish the residency of the returning OFW.

OFWs from Yemen are provided airport assistance, temporary shelter and transport services and fares for their on-ward travel to their respective provinces. These post- repatriation services, including the FRAP, are components of the Assist WELL Program of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) which stands for Welfare, Employment, Livelihood and Legal Assistance extended by government agencies to the OFWs who were repatriated due to emergency situations at their respective jobsites. xxx