Job hunters oftentimes feel going to job fairs is messing up with a maze. They don’t know where to start or wonder if there is an end. But jobseekers like you don’t have to fret this 2015 Labor Day Job Fair sponsored by Department of Labor and Employment. Here are easy-to-follow hacks to reach to the other side of the labyrinth and experience the glory of getting the job!

1.  REGISTER – When you arrive at the venue, look for the REGISTRATION AREA and ask from the DOLE personnel the REGISTRATION FORM (also called NMRS Form) and the SHOPPING LIST FORM. Fill them as completely as possible.

Note: In case you have pre-registered, you can go to the interview phase directly. The yellow form given to you during your early registration will be your pass.

2. SHOP – Next, find the Job SHOPPING AREA. It is where the agencies and their job vacancies are posted. “Shop” for the job positions that fit your QUALIFICATIONS. Write at least five positions. Don’t forget to indicate the name of the company, too.

3. VALIDATE – After filling-up the forms, proceed to the VALIDATION AREA where the DOLE personnel will assess whether your qualifications and skills suit the job you wanted to apply for. Also, the personnel checks on your pre-employment requirements and documents such as resume, authenticated birth certificate, passport for overseas employment and the like. They can also refer you for training or livelihood assistance.

4.  INTERVIEW – You have prepared your documents and requirements. The next thing you need to prepare is YOURSELF. You will now face the one who holds your fortune for the job. Just present the validated shopping list to the DOLE personnel assigned at the entrance of the designated Interview Area. and proceed to the employer you have chosen.

5. SUBMIT – Finally, you are down to your last leg. Before you exit the venue, submit to the DOLE personnel at the EXIT AREA the shopping list with remarks of the employers.

Voila! You are done.

Just always remember to keep track on the process so as not to delay your application. Following these simple steps will save you from being left behind. Expect a crowd of job hunters during the job fair. So, it’s a bit of competition out there.

Also, total preparedness contributes to your success. A single lacking document or form entries might drag you back to the first step again and thus wastes your time. So before you set out to hunt, better check everything first.

Job Fair is no labyrinth or maze at all. It is a straight road of opportunity worth traveled, only if you don’t skip the process. Good luck on your job hunting! (Sherwin B. Manual and Roberto A. Gumba, Jr/DOLE)