654 workers benefit P5.2-M from settlement of preventive mediation case at Stanfilco-Division A of Dole Philippines, Inc.
An economic package worth P5,266,088 will benefit some 654 worker-members of Stanfilco- Calinan Labor Union-FILU (SCLU-FILU) after the National Conciliation and Mediation Board-Regional Conciliation and Mediation Branch (NCMB-RCMB) No. XI  facilitated the settlement of the  preventive mediation (PM) case it has filed against the Stanfilco-Division A of Dole Philippines, Inc.
In a report to Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz, NCMB Executive Director Reynaldo Ubaldo said the PM case was settled on 4 February after the NCMB regional office exereted earnest conciliation efforts between the parties.
“Both the union and management agreed to settle their PM case on the following terms: (1) a grant of wage increase amounting to P7.00 per day per covered worker effective 01 January 2013; and (2) a lump sum amount of P 1,500.00 per covered employee to be released on or before the end of February 2013,” reported Ubaldo.
“The abovementioned-economic package of benefit will amount to P5,266,008 and will benefit 654 covered employees of the company. The case is now considered settled and disposed,” added Paciano Murro, Jr., NCMB-RCMB No. XI officer-in-charge director, added.
Stanfilco-Division A of Dole Philippines, Inc., located at the Ligue Compound, Baguio District, Davao City, is engaged in exporting bananas. It has a total of 692 employees.
On the other hand, SCLU-FILU is one of two workers’ unions in the company, the other being the Dole Stanfilco Calinan Workers Union-Philippine Integrated Industries Labor Union (DSCWU-PIILU).
The dispute arose when the SCLU-FILU filed a PM case against Stanfilco-A Division of Dole Philippines, Inc., citing unfair labor practice, specifically refusal to bargain collectively.
It can be recalled that SCLU-FILU has filed a certification election protest at the Court of Appeals, docketed as CAGR No. 04514-Min, after med-arbiter Jasop Balais certified on 23 November 2011 that its rival union, DSCWU-PIILU, is the sole and bargaining agent of the rank-and-file employees of Stanfilco-Division A of Dole Philippines, Inc. The case is still pending.
A twist in this case of two rival unions arose when on 20 June 2012, the DSCWU-PIILU filed a PM case against the company for alleged unfair labor practice, specifically, refusal to bargain. The case, however, was settled on 10 July 2012 when the parties agreed to sit down and negotiate at the expiration of the existing collective bargaining agreement between the SCLU-FILU and the company. It is the SCLU-FILU which has a live CBA with Stanfilco-Division A of Dole Philippines, Inc. effective 24 May 2008 to 23 May 2013. Under the settlement, management pledged to observe neutrality in dealing with union matters and strive for harmonious relationship with the unions and their officials and members.

“Prompt proactive intervention reflects the thrust of the DOLE to settle disputes amicably. I fully believe that the speedy disposition of  labor disputes through conciliation-mediation is the best antidote to protracted legalistic proceedings that do more harm than good,” Baldoz said.