What can a person make if he has lost his limbs, if he is unable to walk, to talk or to see?

No less than wooden tables and chairs, arm chairs and panel doors to be distributed across the region.

The workers and members of the Association of Differently-Abled Persons Multi-Purpose Cooperative or ADAP-MPC asserted just that and more after being lauded as one of the winners in the regional leg of 2015 Productivity Olympics conducted by the Regional Tripartite Wage and Productivity Board  (RTWPB) Davao Region.

Being the economic arm of the Association of Differently-Abled Persons (ADP), the ADAP-MPC is formed to empower the Persons with Disabilities (PWD) to become economically productive and useful through the production of quality school desks and chairs they themselves have made.

“Among mga myembro sa ADAP mga polio victims, naay mga blinds, naparalyzed ug mga nawad-an og mga body parts tungod sa aksidente,” said Alicia M. Fabiaña, Manager of ADAP-MPC, also a PWD.

The ADAP-MPC have been producing school fixtures such as tables, chairs and arm chairs for more than ten years in public schools. In fact, they are the major supplier of quality desks and chairs of the regional offices of the Department of Education in Mindanao such as Davao Region and SOCCSKSARGEN for around eight years now.

In her speech recently at the awarding of the productivity winners, Fabiaña took pride in the efforts of her fellow PWDs.

“Mupatong siya sa lamisa, unya magtuyok-tuyok hangtud mahuman niya ang lamisa,” she said describing how her fellow with walking disability determined to finish a project.

She said they constantly made sure that their products are of top quality.

“Kami, gina-value namo ang quantity ug quality. Ginasiguro namo nga lig-on ang among mga products. Dapat ang among mga products dili pud murag persons with disability,” she said.

But it did not stop there. They have now expanded their ventures into producing panel doors and window grills and accepting any kinds of furniture orders to be distributed around Davao City. Thanks to the equipment and tools granted by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Davao Region. It has become their walking sticks, wheelchairs and brailles towards becoming even more productive individuals.

“Daghan og natabangan nga PWDs tungod sa DOLE. Nagbalik-balik na ang among mga suki og order. Amo nang gisudlan ang tanan klase sa furniture kay daghan na mi og suki,” she said.

She added that other than the DepEd, they also have private educational institutions and individuals as customers.

“Additional projects namo mga panel doors, window grills, and naga accept na mi og all kinds of furniture kay naa man mi gamit gikan sa DOLE so dako kaayo na og tabang sa amoa para maka mass produce mi,” Fabiaña quipped.

The augmentations of their trade through the assistance have paved a way for them to belong in 2015 Productivity Olympics roster of regional victors.

“Wala gyud mi nag-expect ani nga award kay ang naa sa amoang huna-huna mag-expand ang among market, mag-increase ang among profit ug sales aron mas daghan pa mi matabangan nga trabahante ug uban pa nga pareha namo,” she added.

Currently, the cooperative has almost 200 members and workers and they hope, with concerted efforts and empowered individuals, to reach even more PWDs.

ADAP-MPC, along with Woodworks Kiln Dried Products, Davao Bioskin Tech Laboratories, Inc., DAVECO-ARB, Norie’s Footwear and Supply, and Apo ni Lola Durian Delicacies, is set to compete in the National Productivity Olympics in October 2015 in celebration of the Quality and Productivity Month.

“Nagapasalamat mi og dako sa DOLE kay wala mi nila ginapasagdan. In fact, naa pa mi muabutay nga bakery. Wa gyud mi nila gibiyaan bisan sa ups and downs sa among business,” she said.

They may have lost their arms; their feet may have gone frail, visions pitch-black but the help of the government and other concerned people have become their wheelchairs, walking stick and brailles. And their determination to achieve a productive, empowered, and dignified life have become their driving force.