New Inspectors. DOLE XI OIC-ARD Jason P. Balais (white shirt)  flank by DNFO Chief Angelina A. Talingting (Left) and AEP Unit Head Ediltrudes L. Cabiles pose with the new DOLE XI inspectors.

Davao City – A consultative meeting was initiated by DOLE’s Alien Employment Unit (AEP) in response to the challenge of strengthening the regulatory aspect on the issuance of work and employment permits to foreign nationals and other programs under the Employment Regulatory Cluster of the Technical Services and Support Division (ERC-TSSD).

Participants of the meeting were new Labor lnspectors and their Mentors-Regular lnspectors. The objectives of the activity were as follows: 1) To orient and refresh DOLE Programs and Services; 2. To increase awareness on Livelihood and Employment Regulatory Programs ( DILEEP, AEP, WCP, PEA and DO 174 ); and 3) To gather information on issues and concerns with recommendations as a result of verification/validation of existing foreign nationals in Davao Region.

DOLE XI Agravante in his welcome message said, “Immersion is the best training as far as  your job is concerned. Learn the trade, widen your perspective, help other programs. Rest assured, to you, new inspectors, your mentors are just behind you. Communicate with them regularly so that concerns can be addressed immediately. We will work always as a team.”

The activity was conducted by AEP Unit Head, Senior LEO Ediltrudes L. Cabiles and staff at The Ritz Hotel, this city on December 2, 2019. (By Eduardo P. Monreal, LCO-Designate, DOLE RO XI)