Davao City – “Yes, an employee can received 300% if he or she is present on April 9 because of the double holiday on that date. 100% for his daily wage, 100% premium pay for Araw ng Kagitingan and 100% premium pay for Holy Thursday.”, said DOLE XI Senior Labor and Employment Officer Sonia M. Delfin when interviewed by Jaycel Villacorte of Super Radio Davao.

Ms. Delfin added that “There is a ruling on the application of holiday pay. The worker can get a 300% pay provided he/she works on the holiday. The worker is entitled to 200% on unworked holiday provided he/she is present on the day preceding the holiday.”

When asked if in case the employer will deny their employees of the benefit, Ms. Delfin said that, “Holiday pay is a right of every employee. The inspectors of DOLE will visit the establishment to check the compliance of the labor laws or the employees can visit our office and inform us on their concern related to that matter. Rest assured, the identity of the employees will be protected by this office.” (By Eduardo P. Monreal, LCO-Designate, DOLE XI)