June Grace A. Sarte, 23, from Davao City, once supported by DOLE’s program, stands proud as a registered criminologist, showcasing the life-changing capacity of government programs in empowering individuals to pursue their dreams. With her resilience and perseverance, she passed the Licensure Examinations for Criminologists on May 4, 2023.

In 2018, June Grace became the first beneficiary of the Department of Labor and Employment’s (DOLE) Social Amelioration and Welfare Program (SAWP) for Workers in the Biofuel Industry in 2018. This program is distinctively modified for workers in the biofuel industry, which aims to aid them and their families who are affected by the changing landscape of the sector. To date, this program is being implemented by five (5) DOLE regional offices with accredited biodiesel producers, including DOLE XI.

June Grace Sarte with DOLE XI Asst. Regional Director Atty. Jason P. Balais (second from right), DOLE XI personnel, and her family as she received the assistance under the SAWP in 2018.

June Grace’s father, Mr. Ronald G. Sarte, is a worker of a registered coconut oil mill in Davao City. As his father’s dependent, June Grace availed of the educational assistance/scholarship grant under the SAWP and went to Holy Cross College of Davao. Through the program, she received Php25,000.00 cash assistance per semester that covered for her tuition, allowance, and school requirements.

Overcoming numerous hurdles, including financial constraints and the need to balance work and studies, June Grace showed considerable persistence. “I took up a Bachelor of Science in Criminology because I grew up from a family whose passion is to serve the people. With this course, I aspire to contribute to our society by promoting justice and safety for all. I dedicate this success to God, my family, and to DOLE for the never-ending support and for helping me fulfill one of my dreams,” June Grace shared.

On behalf of DOLE XI, Regional Director Atty. Randolf C. Pensoy commends June Grace’s journey, hailing it as a testament to the effectiveness of the SAWP program in fostering personal and professional growth. “This success story underscores the significance of empowering individuals to explore new career paths and pursue their dreams. It also highlights the incredible potential that lies within individuals when provided with the right support and opportunities.”

June Grace’s inspiring journey serves as a gleam of hope for others facing similar circumstances, proving that with determination and the right support, individuals can overcome any obstacle and realize their full potential. The story also emphasizes the importance of government initiatives like the SAWP program, which provide a safety net and avenues for career development. “Now that I am a Registered Criminologist, I am ready to embark on my professional journey. Thank you, SAWP, for opening doors for me,” she added.

June Grace’s accomplishment is a reminder that with determination, resilience, and access to supportive programs, one can overcome any challenges and achieve their goals. DOLE’s SAWP program remains committed to providing opportunities for growth, demonstrating its dedication to uplifting lives and empowering individuals to pursue fulfilling careers.###MFKM