Gold and silver. Two precious metals that abound in the province of Compostela Valley Province in Mindanao. Metals that are mined hundreds of feet below the earth with the best of men exhausting their strength for money.

The plight of these miners are yet to be determined. How do they get their share? Do they have social protection? Are children used in the mines? Is the environment above these mines protected? Questions are raised from all sectors co-existing with this industry.

To address concerns, the Department of Labor and Employment XI together with the group of miners, both large and small scale, have created an interim council. The tripartite mine council is composed of DOLE XI, the management and labor sectors of the mining groups in Compostela Valley Province.

The council would be tackling issues besetting the miners and would be formulating solutions for the benefit of everyone. /Gwargz P. Monreal, Project Documenter, TSSD, DOLE RO XI.