ENGAGE!…MOTIVATE!…ACHIEVE! Hashtag EMA (#EMA) is still the battle cry of the year 2016. During the first general meeting of Davao Region’s Labor Law Compliance Officers (LLCOs) last January 22, 2016, the LLCOs were refreshed of their important roles in engaging and motivating the Department of Labor and Employment’s (DOLE’s) clients and stakeholders to achieve the benefits of productivity and good worker-employer relations at the workplace. The RTWPB-XI staff presented this year’s implementation strategies of #EMA. Together with the Board Chairman, Director Joffrey Suyao, the Board Secretary led the chanting-rallying of Engage-Motivate-Achieve to renew the LLCOs fervour for the tough work ahead.

During the second LLCO monthly meeting held last February 16, 2016, Mr. Roni Ceriales, Attorney IV of RTWPB-XI, conducted an orientation on the two-tiered wage system (TTWS), emphasizing on the LLCOs role in promoting the second-tier wage. Mr. Ceriales said that while compliance with the minimum wage law is mandatory, the LLCOs can encourage the enterprises to implement productivity incentive schemes, as a way of enhancing workers’ performance and cooperation in achieving business excellence.

Labor law compliance is at the core of DOLE’s toolbox of programs, training and technical assistance all geared towards providing learning opportunities for workers and assisting enterprises to grow, expand and to share the fruits of good business. The LLCOs mandate to make routine visits to business enterprises is an opportunity to make massive campaigns about DOLE’s programs for training and technical assistance, and an occasion to make an initial business diagnosis as to the problem areas that require DOLE’s intervention and assistance. These are the first steps to giving rewards and recognition to enterprises that have achieved the benefits of doing good profitable business while at the same time creating a safe and harmonious workplace and maintaining a healthy, productive and skilled workforce.

Davao Region’s LLCOs in action: