Davao City —  With the aim to promote quality employment, employability of jobseekers and highlight frontline services, a government agency here partners with a taxi cab operator for its video advocacy campaign to reach more people.

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) in Davao region partners with the R.A. Hao Foundation, owner and operator of the largest taxi fleet in Davao City, for  its labor and employment education campaign.

R.A Hao foundation operates over 500 units of Maligaya Taxi, Pacific Cab, Visa Cab, Master Cab and Orange Cab which carries in each unit a video streaming monitor for ads.

“We are enhancing the delivery of our educational services and materials from lectures and workshops to a technology-based approach in order to cater to more people,” Dole regional director Joffrey M. Suyao said.

Based on the estimate of Maligaya Taxi, roughly 1.2 million taxi commuters in Davao region is expected to view the DOLE video ads.

R.A. Hao Foundation President Debbie Tan-Tao said they are happy to support the labor education campaign of DOLE that it offers streaming of videos for free from January 30 until March 3, 2014.

A total of  17 innovative educational and promotional tool was launched recently to bring to the public’s awareness of DOLE’s frontline programs and services including Workers’’ Organization Development Program (WODP); Labor Standards; Labor Law Compliance System (LLCS); DOLE Integrated Livelihood Program (DILP); entrepreneurship; Child Labor Free Philippines; Employees’ Compensation Program; Single-Entry Approach (SEnA); Labor Management Cooperation (LMC); Productivity Improvement; Productivity Olympics; Occupational Safety and Health (OSH); overseas employment; practice of profession; and skills training.

The employment education campaign is geared towards delivering a pro-active, coherent, technology-based, accessible, and comprehensive labor and management education services,  Suyao said.

“We are aware that majority of the public employees and employers alike are not aware of the programs and services of the Department, but with this effort, we hope to be able to reach more people and help them get decent and quality jobs,” Suyao added.

The short video clips, developed by DOLE’s Bureau of Labor Relations, run from 30 seconds to 90 minutes.

Sherwin Manual/DOLEXI