THE Department of Labor and Employment (Dole) in Davao Region signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on Tuesday with four “big brother” and 49 “small brother” companies under the Kapatiran Wise-TAV program.

“The intention here is for the big brothers to help out Dole in seeking and monitoring the small brothers when it comes to the compliance of labor laws and standards,” said Dole regional director Joffrey M. Suyao during the signing ceremony.

Under the Kapatiran program the big brothers, pertaining to large companies that are fully compliant with the labor standards and laws, will guide and monitor the small brothers or those small companies who are mostly non-compliant.

“We are entering an era of transformation in the implementation of our labor compliance program, from a strictly regulatory to a more developmental approach in the implementation and enforcement of labor laws and standards,” Suyao said.

Most of the small brothers are non-compliant and Dole does not have enough resources to check on them, thus, the Kapatiran Wise-TAV program.

In this program the big brothers coach small companies in eventually becoming fully compliant with the labor laws and the occupational safety and health standards.

Also during assessments, when a gap or flaw is seen among the small brothers, the big brothers will make an action plan and the small brothers have one year to address the concerns.

“It is not only a program for compliance but a program that will enhance the safety of everyone. Together we will create a safe and productive office environment for all and in doing so we will contribute in building the nation,” said Arturo M. Milan, Davao Light and Power Company (DLPC) executive vice president and chief operations officer.

The program started two years ago in Davao region. It currently has a total of 32 big brothers and 101 small brothers.

Reuel John F. Lumawag- Sun Star Davao