Davao City — The government shall enforce protection of its labor force by ensuring companies comply with the labor laws.

The Department of Labor and Employment will engage 574 Labor Laws Compliance Officer (LLCOs) with 372 new positions created which will help companies comply with the labor standards set forth by the Law.

DOLE Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz said the program signals the shift from pure regulation to voluntary compliance with labor laws and regulations to protect and safeguard workers and promote their welfare.

In Davao Region, 30 compliance officers are expected to assess and assist more than 3,000 establishments this year using the new Labor Laws Compliance System.

“We deem this new system is a reform from the “regulatory and policing” work on labor law compliance.  The method of assessment now is more facilitative and developmental in approach rather than inspection,” said DOLE in Davao Region Director Joffrey M. Suyao.

The new program  will utilize the  Joint Assessment approach where the employer and the workers’ representative together with the LLCOs evaluate the establishment’s compliance with the labor standards.

“This is DOLE’s free technical assistance program for work establishment to assess their compliance of the labor law which will require cooperation and participation from both workers and employers,” Suyao said.

The program is expected to start on January 14, 2014 .

The new LLCS underscores promotion of voluntary compliance. It will also ensure a fair, expeditious, non-litigious settlement of disputes , encourage use of settlement in all labor case and strengthen tripartisan approach, Suyao explained.

The establishments who are compliant after conduct of assessment or successful institution of corrective measures will be issued Certificate of Compliance (COC) , which is valid for two years unless a complaint is filed which would trigger the conduct of a Compliance Visit.