To attain inclusive growth via massive generation of jobs in the informal sector, DOLE released 2.5 Million Pesos to the 886 beneficiaries of various livelihood projects in Governor Generoso, Davao Oriental on August 20, 2015.   The beneficiaries are Bangsamoro women, youth, senior citizens, farmers and persons with disability.

“Everybody is now happy with the livelihood assistance granted by DOLE but we must collectively and diligently work hard for it in order to be successful.”    Such were the inspiring words of Governor Generoso Mayor Vicente Orencia during the turn-over ceremony at Sigaboy Municipal Gym.   He further added that “We will seriously monitor the implementation of these projects because this will surely generate jobs and provide additional income to our constituents.”

The 2.5 Million project is entitled “Integrated Development Assistance for Village-level Organizations ( InDeAVor ) under the DOLE Bottom Up Budgeting Program.  It aims to increase the productivity and income of the 886 informal workers and eventually make them economic movers in their respective communities.    The cycle of enterprise is from “abaya” making to trading, raising of native chicken, sewing, rattan weaving and dried fish processing to selling in the public market.

Estrella Sabilo, President of Moro Women Association, was very grateful to receive the sewing machines and other gadgets.  “This will gradually change the lives of Moro women in our municipality.   Rest assured, Mayor Orencia and DOLE, that we will be active partners towards peace and development,” she said.

The turn-over ceremony was also attended by Governor Generoso Vice Mayor Katrina Joy Orencia, Public Employment Service Office (PESO) Manager Shirley O. Ceniza, municipal councilors, barangay officials, and the 886 beneficiaries.

R. Castro, DOLE-DOFO