Composite Teams. Headed by DOLE, all professionals in relation to structures and buildings are formed to do a rapid assessment on the damage of the earthquake.

Davao City – DOLE XI Regional Director Raymundo G. Agravante immediately created a composite team to do a rapid assessment on all affected structures in Davao Region. This is in response to DOLE Sec. Bello’s order to immediately address the situation for the safety of the constituents in the region, and to immediately deliver the programs of the Department in the area.

Headed by the Regional  Director of the Department of Labor and Employment, all composite teams shall include structural, civil, electrical and mechanical engineers, master plumbers, firemen, DOLE inspectors and OSHNET personnel.

RD Agravante in his report to Secretary Bello detailed that the agreement resolved in the meeting was to 1) submit an inspection checklist per composite team to DOLE, 2) submit names of organizational members willing to be part of the composite team, 3) team composition varies with the type of structure to be assessed, 4) each team can come up with priority establishments to be submitted to DOLE, 5) consolidation of findings per team after assessment then forwarded to OCBO and the Secretariat (DOLE), 6) OCBO to issue final findings and post color tag to assessed structures based on the following colors: Level 1 – Green – Safe for Re-occupancy, Level 2 – Yellow – Caution Entry, To enter only for a. retrieval of valuables, b. detailed assessment, c. repairs/ retrofitting, Level 3 – Red – No entry/Off limits, 7) All members should follow proper decorum in the conduct of inspection and photos should not be uploaded in the social media, 8) No detailed explanation to the occupants or  building owner so as not to cause panic but limit only to the 3 leveling, 9) Issuance of General Authority by Secretary Bello to the members of the composite teams.

The meeting which was conducted at the Activity Hall of DOLE Region XI was attended by personnel, professionals, officers and members of DOLE XI, PICE, ASEP, City Engineer’s Office, CDRRMO, IIEE, KROSSGATE, NAMPAP, VAP, OCBO, OSHC, OSHNET XI, PICE National, PSME, SEAD, DMSF, OHNAP and PCOM. (By Eduardo P. Monreal, LCO-Designate, DOLE RO XI)