A total of Three Thousand Three Hundred Ninety Two (3,392) domestic workers bound for the Middle East (Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, U.A.E.) and Hongkong completed the Comprehensive Pre-Departure Education Program (CPDEP) conducted by the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration from January to November 2019.

CPDEP is part of the Education and Training Assistance program of OWWA which is intended for departing domestic workers. It is a four to six-day mandated orientation seminar designed for the Domestic Workers (DWs).  The Modules consist of basic language training, culture familiarization, and stress management. It aims to educate and prepare them for their working environment abroad where the culture, customs and traditions, as well as the language are entirely different from their own country.

The OWWA – Regional Welfare Office XI offered two (2) CPDEP for departing workers namely; Arabic Language and Culture Familiarization for Middle East bound workers and Cantonese Language and Culture Familiarization for workers bound for Hongkong. Of the 3,392 trainees, 2,331 completed the Arabic language training while 1,061 trainees finished the Cantonese language training.

Arabic Language and Culture familiarization is a 2-day live-out training which provided the trainees with comprehensive language training (alphabet) and common vocabulary used at home.  Bong Manial, the region’s Arabic Language Instructor discussed the types of Arabic language, way of life, religion, system of justice and restrictions like Halal and Haram were also introduced and included during the training to make them more aware and ready.

Cantonese Language and Culture Familiarization, on the other hand, is a 3-day training designed to provide the trainees with proper pronunciation guide, greetings and apologies, numerals and money as well as calendar, time, customs and values which are substantially discussed by Language Instructor Marissa Magno.

Likewise, trainees are given exercises on actual conversation using Cantonese and Arabic language. Stress management is also discussed during the training in order to give the participants an idea on how to fight stress and be aware on the types and signs of it.

The schedule of the Cantonese language training is conducted once a week every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday while Arabic language trainings is twice a week – Monday to Tuesday (1st batch) and Thursday to Friday (2nd batch).

Overseas recruitment agencies who wish to enroll their applicants for the training may visit the OWWA Regional Welfare Office XI located at Doors E-G, Cam Building, Monteverde St., Davao City to submit the list of trainees and the required documents. (OWWA XI)