As part of the KAGABAY Program streamlined by the Employees’ Compensation Commission, with the objective of providing livelihood and Skills training to the Persons with Work Related Disability (PWRD), a bread-making workshop was conducted at the ECC REU XI Training Room recently.

The workshop was conducted for Mr. Charlie Gujol, a former seafarer who acquired a spinal injury while on board the ship causing the termination of his employment. As beneficiary of the Employees Compensation Program, Mr. Gujol was given with the said training to give him a new source of livelihood.

“This program of the Employees’ Compensation Commission gives me hopes to remain capable of earning for my family.” Mr. Gujol expresses during the training. Further, he remarked that he may not be able to recover physically but he certainly may maintain his earning capacity through the assistance of the EC programs.

 Chef Mariel Balcoba-Mirambel facilitated the training and shared her expertise in making different types of bread. Chef Mirambel taught Mr. Gujol the different styles and techniques in bread making through actual workshop with the complete ingredients and equipment needed.

ECC Executive Director, Stella Zipagan-Banawis, reiterates the role of the Employees’ Compensation Commission to those victims of work-connected injuries resulting to their disability from continued employment. “The Commission will remain dedicated in championing the welfare of all disabled workers by according them with new opportunities like helping them acquire new skills.” Director Banawis said.

The training was given to the beneficiary free as the Employees’ Compensation Commission shouldered the necessary expenses such as the training fee for the facilitator as well as the meal and transportation expenses of the beneficiary.

 The KAGABAY Program is one of the programs available to every worker who are occupationally-disabled resulting from a work-connected accident. This aims to bring the disabled worker back to the economic mainstream by ultimately giving them a home-based business of their own.

 Albert Bantan/ECC XI