Responding to the need of preparing students for the world of work, the Employees Compensation Commission in Region XI conducted a half-day seminar on EC Programs which intends to educate future job-seekers about EC benefits and occupational safety and health on 24 January 2018 at AVR 1, University of Mindanao, Bolton Campus, Davao city.

85 graduating students of the University of Mindanao, Bolton campus were made aware of their benefits under the Employees’ Compensation Program. They were apprised on the manner by which a worker may benefit from the programs streamlined by the Employees’ Compensation Commission.

During the discussion, the graduating students learned that every employee that becomes a victim of any work-connected contingency is accorded with EC benefits available at SSS and GSIS depending on what sector one belongs. Further, it was also stressed that under EC Programs, an employee does not pay for his monthly EC premiums as the same is paid by his employer alone.

Ms. Alona G. Banzali, the program head for the Human Resouce Management, expressed appreciation over ECC’s thrust in reaching not only to those who are already employed but also to those who are yet to embark in the world of employment. “We sincerely appreciate the Commission’s commitment in preparing the would-be graduates for the world of work and their future profession as HR practitioners.” she added.

“It’s a great privilege to have been apprised of our entitlements under Employees’ Compensation Programs even before our employment.” remarked Jemm Mier Cenon, president of Human Resource Management program.


REU XI – Albert A. Bantan