Davao City – On June 03, 2022 the Regional Board XI published through Sunstar Davao Wage Order No. RB XI-21. The aforementioned wage order granted a forty-seven-peso (P47.00) wage increase for workers in the non-agriculture and agriculture sectors in two tranches. The non-agriculture sector wage adjustment is also applicable to commercial, industrial, retail/service establishment employing more than ten workers.

Wage Order No. RB XI-21 also granted a sixty-two-peso (P62.00) wage increase to workers in retail/service establishments employing not more than ten (10) workers to be given in three tranches. After full implementation of the tranches, the minimum wage for Region XI will just be two (2) wage rates. These two wage rate categories are: four hundred forty-three pesos (P443.00) for non-agriculture which shall be comprised of commercial, industrial, retail/service establishments (regardless of number of employed) and four hundred thirty- eight (438).00 for agriculture.

Wage Order No. RB XI-21 simplified the wage structure for workers in the private sector by subsuming Non-Agriculture/Industrial/Commercial and Retail/Service Establishments Employing more than ten (10) workers and Retail/Service Establishments Employing not more than ten (10) workers under the Non-Agriculture Sector. As a result, there shall only be one minimum wage rate for all workers belonging to the Non-Agriculture Sector. Moreover, the Agriculture Sector category is retained. The simplification of the wage structure is pursuant to the policy that the Boards shall simplify the minimum wage structures as provided in Section 2, Rule I of the 2020 Omnibus Rules on Minimum Wage Determination Wage Order No. RB XI-21 took effect on June 19, 2022 or after fifteen (15) days from its date of publication in a newspaper of general circulation in the region. ### RTWPB XI