Have you ever wonder what job will likely get you hired immediately? Be a call center agent!

PEIS or PESO Employment Information System, the online portal for employment hub nationwide says that the hottest job available is call center agents with a current number of 2,526 vacancies.  It will most likely get you hired in the fastest possible time because of its demand nationwide. The demand for domestic helpers comes next with a number of 824, and third is the need for staff nurses at 597 vacancies.

Currently, PhilJobNet has been the source of jobseekers nationwide due to its volume and wide range of vacancies. As of January 16, 2019 the top twenty (20) vacancies include call center agents (2,526), domestic helpers (824), staff nurses (597), sales clerks (587), market sales persons (393), general accountants (305), finance officers (300), real estate salesmen (300), graphic designers (298), housemaids (297), salesmen (281), janitors (271), food servers (241), medical technologists (201), physical therapists (187), customer service assistants (178), baggers (155), account officers (155), service crew (143) and promo salespersons (131).

For more vacancy postings, PhilJobNet can be accessed at philjobnet.com.ph or visit the nearest Public Employment Service Office (PESO) in your area./ Eduardo P. Monreal, LEO II, DOLE RO XI, LCO-Designate.