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Online procedures of the Special Program for Employment of Students of the Department of Labor and Employment: 1. SPES Applicant Account Registration; 2. SPES Employer Account Registration; 3. PESO Validation of SPES Account; 4. Field Office Validation of SPES Account; 5. Field Office Verification of Employers Account; 5. Employer Adding of Pledge; 6. PESO Validation of Employer’s Pledge of Commitment; 7. Field Office Verification of Employer’s Pledge of Commitment; 8. SPES Applicant: Applying to Vacancies/Pledge; 9. Employers: Adding of Contract; 10. PESO Validation of Contract; 11. Field Office Contract Verification; 12. Employers: Adding 60% Payroll; 13. PESO Validation of Payroll 60%; 14. RO-TSSD Payroll 40% Verification; 15. RO-IMSD Payroll 40% Processing; 16. Financial Institution Payroll 40% Releasing.