As we celebrate the Labor Day this year, the Department of Labor and Employment pays high respect and regard to the contribution and support of the labor force as our country progressed in an unprecedented economic growth.

We recognize the active involvement and support of the labor force in the reforms we have instituted aimed to uplift the lives of every Filipino when the Aquino administration started five years ago.

We continue to address issue of unemployment by providing several opportunities for employment facilitation so that our people may have access to employment opportunities in a more convenient manner.

Our labor day Job Fair, the highlight of our 113th Labor Day celebration, has so far yielded very encouraging results.

As of 5:00 PM report (May 1, 2015), we have a total 8,842 registered applicants, exceeding our target of at least 5,000 applicants. Of the figure, 3,374 qualified for employment. Further,those hired-on-the spot reached 1,140 of which 954 were for local employment and 186 for overseas employment; while some 1,557 were for further interview and exam in the respective companies.

Our employment facilitation program is only one of the many endeavors that we pursue to ensure massive, quality and decent employment for all.

Notwithstanding these, we are also mindful of the many other issues besetting labor including the issues brought by organized labor.

DOLE is cognizant of these issues and we acknowledge the exercise of the labor organizations to express their rights and grievances in peaceful manner. The right of the workers to self-organization is something that the DOLE supports and promotes.

All these initiatives are directed to ensure that management realizes the constitutional guarantee to reasonable return on investments and for the workers to enjoy their share in the fruits of production all under the framework of promoting industrial peace.

Our theme “Disenteng Trabaho at Kabuhayan, Alay Natin sa Bayan” may only be realized if workers, management and government work together under a common goal.

Today’s Labor Day Job Fair would have not been possible without the full support of our partners venues, media outfits, participating employers and jobseekers, and the general public.

Let’s continue the partnership we have started and witness them bear fruits very soon in the form of decent and quality employment.

Mabuhay ang mga Manggagawang Pilipino!

DOLE Davao Regional Director